Welcome to the Ad Libitum International Piano Competition
– you are invited to showcase your artistry! 

The International Piano Competition Ad Libitum invites pianists of all ages, all nationalities, all levels.

WINNERS of January 2024 – click HERE

Discovering the uniqueness in every musician is the idea behind our piano competition.

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Choose the repertoire that you are comfortable with.

In our Piano Competition, in addition to the Main Age Category, we encourage you to choose any number of Expert Categories that suit you. For example – you could enter a category representing a musical period between the Baroque and the present time, a category of a particular musical form, or a category of a particular composer whose works you feel confident playing. This will give you more opportunities to become a multiple winner and win the Versatile Pianist Award.

Unleash your artistry!

Ad Libitum is unquestionably a piano competition in which the pianist’s personality is at the forefront. It is about their willingness to express themselves musically. Therefore, this competition encourages pianists to present their own personal musical vision. To seek and discover their own personality through music created by composers who lived many years ago.

Choose the application time yourself. 

The application form is always open. You decide when you want to apply! Deadline date for the current edition: 22 JANUARY (final deadline).
The results will be published on 30 JANUARY.

Applications are open. Apply before 15th March 2024

We guarantee that everyone will be treated individually and listened to with the utmost insight. For this reason we have a panel of particularly experienced judges who can see the essence, as well as assess the overall outline of a musical personality.
We wish you beautiful emotions through the music. Get deep, get soulful! And then share it with the world! You can also find out how easy it is to make a video for a piano competition and what our competition has to offer on our HOW TO PARTICIPATE page.
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Our Testimonials

Thank you so much for the great and very trustful organization! As we already mentioned, that we could have a lot of fun during recording.
Your Motto “Personality” sounds very nice and this made Luise very relaxed. The things I have said are just like “Ad Libitum wants to hear original wishes from the composer through your play”.

Luise's mom

Thank you very much for this opportunity and for your comments, i´ll take them into consideration.
It was a pleasure to participate in this competition.


Thank you for arranging this competition. All comments are very helpful for Suppakrit and he will try to do better in the future.


Thank you so much for all the great hard work and effort to organize this beautiful competition for all young talented musicians from around the world and to get to know each other as well as learn from each other. I really appreciate that and glad to experience from this true musical platform, and to realize my son Logan his strength and weakness, also to gain his experience to learn how to improve and develop himself in his musical journey in the future. We all really enjoyed this competition and congratulations to all of you for the successful Ad Libitum Piano Competition.


Thank you very much for your message and your news: thank you for the awarded prizes!
It was a pleasure to take part in this contest.
I sincerely feel very thankful for the words and feedback from the Jury members.
All my best regards for the future, for you and the Jury!


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